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// Seattle's Ballard Neighborhood

On any given day Ballard's newest historic landmark is abuzz with energy

Situated on the south end of Ballard Ave, The Kolstrand Building is an early 1900’s historic brick building where old meets new since the major renovation was completed in 2010.

Once a marine supply business, Kolstrand is now home to a number of Seattle’s most highly regarded businesses.  Kolstrand is an example of the “whole being greater than the sum of its parts” where the complimentary mix of tenants have added value for each individual business.  Against all odds, Kolstrand emerged during the depths of the recession speaking to its location and the truly differentiated offering reflected in each space.  Moreover, it was a design/build/engineering feat considering that it is comprised of 5 different buildings built over 50 years with a mix of different construction styles (stick frame to CMU).

The Kolstrand project will continue to evolve with the addition of 10,000 square feet of new creative office and studio space overlooking the Shillshole Marina.


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